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Facebook… U Suck!

Published June 27, 2010 - 3 Comments

I can’t say that my impression of Facebook has changed very much in the weeks following my account creation.  I find navigating the security settings to be an exercise in anger management.  I used to consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to user interface navigation.  Not anymore!  Facebook has bested me more than once… to the point that I had to actually ask someone for help before I decided to call it a day and delete my account!  But I think that I have it sufficiently locked down now. 

So last night I decided to add some pictures.  Honestly, it isn’t so much for anyone else, as it is for me.  I’m always leery of losing pictures due to hardware failures, and lost backups.  I know that there are a chunk of pictures of the kids that are gone forever, and I don’t ever want to see that happen again.  So an online storage option probably isn’t a bad idea.  I had considered Flickr, but I would have to create an account there, and figured that I have this shiny new Facebook account now… might as well use it.

Some people continue to send me messages from within Facebook.  I hope that it’s nothing urgent because it’s probably the last place that I am going to check for correspondence.  Better to send a smoke signal or carrier pigeon.

And I just love all the “You might know THIS person” notifications that I get…  Umm…  no, I don’t know that person.  Thanks though.

Just wait until I try Farmville!

Facebook vs The Last Man Standing

Published June 15, 2010 - 4 Comments

As many of you know (and fewer even care), I officially became the last man on Earth to create a Facebook account.  For years I’ve ignored the fad, and opted to stick to my email and blog.  Sure, I adopted Twitter before probably anyone else reading this, but that was different.  (Oh yeah, don’t go by my AboutStephen account, because my defunct Dunnik account was much older.)  But Facebook?  Nah… just wasn’t for me.

But after years of listening to “Are you on Facebook?  You should get a Facebook account. All my pics are on Facebook. Come play Farmville on Facebook!” I’d had enough.  So I clicked my way through to that damn site, and you know what?

It’s worse than I thought.

I’m trying to turn off all the intrusive annoyances.  I can’t seem to scratch my ass without it notifying my friends.  I log in and see a panel of faces of people I MIGHT know, because they somehow crossed paths with someone else at some point.  I kept getting prompted to add things to my wall, when all I want to do it knock it down.  I can’t find anyone I search for, even when they tell me that they’re on Facebook.

“Your Facebook profile sucks.” I’ve been told more than one.

Yup.  It sure does.  I put a picture there to make it easier for people to find me, so they can then tell me that it sucks.

You’re welcome.