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A Clear Sign That I’m Getting Older

Published October 7, 2015 - 2 Comments


Apparently it’s been 6 years since I last had my eyes tested!  I really didn’t think that it had been that long, but the optometrist had it on file.  2009.  At that time, I went in because I was having headaches, and thought that my eyesight might be causing them.  I could see very well, but you just never know.  He wrote me a very light prescription, which I never bothered to get it filled, and my headaches went away on their own.  I think part of it was the shift work, but regardless, I’ve been good since.  Well, until now.

I’ve noticed recently that it’s getting harder to focus on things close to me.  Sometimes when I wake up and reach for my phone, I can’t read the text.  It’s just a blur.  After some forced blinking and holding it further away for a few seconds everything comes into focus and it’s all good.  If someone holds something up for me to read, I often have to push it back a little before I can focus clearly on it.  I can go days without noticing any problems, but then something happens and it reminds me that I should really go have my eyes tested.

So that brings us to 2015.  Apparently I am a candidate for bifocals.  Whenever I think of bifocals, I think of old people.  But at 43, I’m no longer a spring chicken.  Still, is 43 old now?  Apparently for my eyes it is!  The optometrist told me that by age 45 I would start to notice a deterioration and by 50 I wouldn’t be able to focus on short range at all without the glasses.  Yeah, something else to look forward to!

So now I have one of these… and I’m not sure what I should do. Prescription - zoomGet it filled?  Wait for my re-check in 2 years?  It’s funny because there was a time that I really wanted to be an optometrist.  I even sent away for the admissions forms from Waterloo… alas it was not in the cards.  Too bad, too.  I think my optometrist is doing pretty well for himself!