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What Rhymes With Dietitian? Nothing! Nothing Rhymes with Dietitian!

Published February 13, 2015 - 1 Comment

I’ve been going to see a dietitian for a few weeks.  If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is, go ahead and call a dietitian a “nutritionist” and see what happens. I dare ya.  Apparently one is a registered health professional, regulated by professional and government guidelines… and the other is some poor schmuck who wants to give themselves a fancy title. Kinda like a consultant.  But I digress.

Here are three topics that I brought to the discussion this morning.  I’m such an informed client.

Coca-Cola Canada is reducing the amount of syrup in their drinks by 8%.

Apparently our 458097843Coke is sweeter than their Coke.  Well, isn’t that the way everything is supposed to work?  Not anymore!  In an effort to help curb the obesity epidemic in this country, Coca-Cola Canada is reducing the amount of syrup in their drinks by 8%, reducing the size of some of their bottles and moving to slimmer cans.  I say stock up now because this change is going into effect immediately.  There might even be markets where the newly diluted Coke is already on shelves.  If not, it won’t be long.  Can somebody hook me up with a bottling company? I think it’s time to order a barrel of syrup off the black market.

Lays Canada has introduced chocolate covered ruffled chips.   

So the Coke is getting weaker, lays2and the chips are getting sweeter.  Have you tried these things?  Oh my!  One part salty.  One part sweet.  All parts deadly!  They’re not cheap, though.  You’ll be forking out over $4 for a small bag that is barely 1/3 filled, but trust me… that 1/3 bag is better than any other 1/3 bag of Lays chips you’ve ever had.  The milk chocolate that they coat the chips with is thick, and extremely tasty.  At 270 calories for 5 chips you probably don’t want to eat them all in one sitting, because you know… that… would… be… bad.  Oh, and they’re only here in Canada and for a limited time only!

Weight Watchers Super Bowl Ad makes ya think!

Everyone loves the Super Bowl ads; sometimes more than the game itself!  Most of them are funny, or sexy, or just over the top in some way or another.  When you’re paying $4.5 million for a 30 second spot, you want it to be memorable. I think that Weight Watchers managed to do exactly that by going another route.  Their message is a powerful one, and I couldn’t agree more!  Take a look-see and tell me what you think.  And yes, that’s Aaron Paul’s voice.  You’re welcome, Ladies.