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Day Trip to Sydney, NS

Published August 7, 2010 - 7 Comments
[Sorry Mum… wrong Sydney… maybe you can be a guest blogger when you get back from Australia next year, and we can compare notes]

Part of our trip to Cape Breton was obviously going to involve going into Sydney.  There wasn’t really anything in particular that I needed to see there.  I just didn’t think that I could go all the way to Cape Breton without at least stopping by.  In my day job, I talk quite often with technicians in Sydney, and I’ve always been curious about what it looked like.  I once tried to use Google Streetview to take a look, and was completely blown away at how LARGE the buildings were… until I realized that I was looking at a street view of Sydney, Australia… not Sydney, Nova Scotia.

So we took a drive into the city and parked uptown.  It doesn’t look much different than any other maritime city that I’ve been to.  The only thing that I was really curious to see was the local office, so we went for a little stroll.  I wasn’t sure of the exact address, but I noticed a large cellphone tower on top of one of the buildings… yup, that had to be it.

But before we got there, something caught my eye… a little shop called Cape Breton Fudge Co.  Not being one to pass up the chance to sample the local delicacies, I decided that we should go take a look.  (Yes, I was The Decider!)

You can see from the picture I got from their website that it’s quite nice inside!  We walked around and looked at the different things that they sold.  I could feel my mouth watering.  (Hmm…. I think it is now too!)  You could spend a small fortune in a place like that.  All sorts of yummies to be had.  I couldn’t leave without trying something.

I know that it sounds crazy, but I love creamsicles, and when I saw that they has a creamsicle fudge, I wanted to try it.  There was another one that I wanted to try as well, but I can’t even remember which one it was anymore.  The girl behind the counter cut me off two slivers of each. Obviously the creamsicle won out.

Because it had been decided that I needed a new pair of shorts, and we had no idea where the nearest Walmart was, we asked the girl for directions.  Thinking back, it was a little comical… she had us driving all over hell’s half acre, when it really turned out that the Walmart was essentially on the same road we had parked on, just much further down.  But that’s ok… I certainly didn’t mind standing there while she tried to give us directions.  She had the cutest Cape Breton accent… We would later refer to her affectionately as either the Fudge Girl… or the Candy Whore… depending on who was speaking.   Sweet.

I learned a valuable lesson while in Sydney.  Don’t drive all over an unfamiliar city, spending at least $1 in extra gas, to save $0.80 because you want the Canadian Tire money.  It’s just not worth the aggravation!  And when someone tells you that you are supposed to be their Voice Of Reason… believe them!  It’s just that simple.  But we had a good time  🙂

I never thought that I’d see anything like a roving seafood chowder bus, but here goes…  Gio’s Seafood Chowder Bus.

Yes, there’s a sign that says “Eat In, or Take Out”… and there was actually a line of people at one point!  I don’t know where the “eating in” was taking place… I’m up for trying new things on this trip, but seafood chowder is NOT one of them.  (After I wrote that I found this review online.  Now I’m a little sad that we didn’t stop in and take a look.  I think that it would have been quite a sight in there!  And no, I guess it doesn’t rove.  Darn.)

After a trip to Walmart, where not only did I purchase a new pair of walking shorts, but two pairs of sunglasses (I’m sure that everyone I know has told me that my old pair needed to be thrown away) we went for a drive in search of a plaid house.  Personally, I don’t believe that such a thing exists, but we went in search of it anyway.  We probably would have had more luck finding Bigfoot because this supposed plaid house was nowhere to be found.  How do you hide a plaid house?  It’s a house!  And plaid!  It’s not exactly like it can get up and move.  It certainly doesn’t blend in.  We couldn’t find it, and the GPS apparently doesn’t have a setting for “plaid house, Sydney, NS”.

So we called it a day, and headed back to Baddeck.  Turns out that there was a surprise waiting for me there, and we couldn’t be late!