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Happy HalloWEMO

Published October 30, 2014 - 0 Comments

watchEarlier this month I wrote about being asked whether I was interested in creating a video to showcase a product from Belkin called the WeMo Motion + Switch.  It was exciting to be asked, but a little daunting at the same time.  I’ve never made anything other than silly little single shot videos.  This was something that would require multiple shots and editing.  I know the iMac is capable of it, but I’m sure not!

The concept changed a few times until I sat down yesterday in my newly creepified living room, and started shooting.  It was fun!  I wrote a script.  Recorded it.  Moved my props around repeatedly while going back and checking the camera viewing range.  I even rigged a giant spider from the ceiling that I could lower during the filming!  I shot my little film in different filters, with different results.  Finally I settled on some rough footage that I was satisfied would just have to do.

Then Jess came home.

Neither one of us are graphic artists, but she has a knack for these things that I definitely do not possess.  She took the raw footage, added overlaying audio files, a trailer and credits.  She took my chunk of rock and turned it into a polished jewel worthy of an Academy Award!

Kate Upton will now present the award for Best Director to… Stephen Belyea!  I’d just like to thank all the people who poured their heart and soul into this project, my fans, my mother and father who stood with me all these years, my sister, my beautiful children, my agent… wait!  Stop the music, I’m not done!  There are still people I need to thank!  My agent, oh I said that already.  Umm.. my publicist… all the people at wardrobe.. my hair stylist.. Oh God! Don’t forget about Him!  Wait! Wait!  Thank you, Academy!  I love you.  Good night!”

Thanks Jess!

Hey Stephen, would you mind following back? … AGAIN?!

Published October 6, 2014 - 5 Comments
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WeMo Switch + Motion

What an interesting week!  I noticed a message pop up on my Twitter feed asking me to follow them.  Sound familiar?  Yup!  Just like my previous post about ABC’s Selfie TV show noticing my tweet, apparently someone else has too!  This time it’s the fine people at WeM0, a line of home automation products from Belkin.  I’ve already written about their WeMo enabled Crock-Pot, and tweeted about some of the different switches that they make.  We currently own two of the standard WeMo switches, and they’re great.  We have our TV and a lamp hooked up to them, and we can turn them on or off from anywhere with an internet connection.  Trust me when I say this… a certain 12 year old in the house is convinced that the TV is going on the fritz, or that there’s a ghost.  I mean, how could it possibly be ME turning it off and on?  I was at work!  😉

But I digress.
Apparently WeMo would like to send me a free WeMo Switch + Motion, if I’d be willing to make a video of how it could be used for Hallowe’en!  How awesome is that?!  My brain is already spinning with ideas.  This switch is motion-activated, so anyone coming up the driveway is going to be met by something… scary!
I can’t wait!

@smbelyea Hey Stephen, would you mind following back? Got a question for you… (You’ve done this DM thing before!)

WEMO's avatar

Thanks! That was fast! We’d like to send you a free WEMO Switch + Motion, if you’d be so kind as to make a brief home video showing how…

WEMO's avatar

2/2 …you could use them for Halloween! (Maybe a way to surprise trick or treaters?) If you’re interested, send us your shipping info!

smbelyea's avatar

Absolutely!  And Thank you!

WEMO's avatar

Fantastic! (Don’t forget phone + email, too, just in case.) And you’re most welcome 🙂   Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

smbelyea's avatar

This will be fun! (I already torment the kids with the regular switch. I had them convinced the TV was on the fritz. They still don’t know)

WEMO's avatar

Haha! Shades of “Poltergeist”! Oh, you’re devious! Can’t wait!! 😀