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Hello Brockville! (repost)

Published August 20, 2010 - 0 Comments
[Originally posted May 17, 2009.  This was the last post before the Great Meltdown of May ’09. The blog was taken down, deleted, and remained offline for a bit… being reborn as a WordPress blog in June ’09.  The title was chosen because I suspected that someone special to me was reading the blog from her home in Brockville.  I consistently noticed a Brockville hit in my logs… which has since disappeared after she passed away in December.  I’ll never be able to confirm that it was her… but I choose to believe that she was reading… and still is…]

Just a little shout-out to my favourite home-away-from-home…

Well, it’s all but official now.  I think that I’ve finally passed all my courses to graduate with my BBA!  The elusive English mark was finally posted.  A solid B+.  [It was later upgraded to an A-] So that makes an A in Competitive Strategy, an A- in Business Law and a B+ in English.  All things considered, I’m pretty impressed.  I managed to do all three courses, while working full time, while dealing with a whole slew of personal obstacles and ill-timed relationship fallouts, and still pulled in some of the best grades that I’ve ever had.  If only I had been even half as motivated 19 years ago as I am now.  Things might have been different.  Well, obviously things WOULD have been different.  Better or worse, I do not know.  I’m just happy to show a few people that I could finally get this done.  And happy to scratch something off of my Steve 2.0 list.  Actually, it’s the second thing that I’ve achieved on that list, but I’m not yet ready to officially sign off on the first thing.

I received some interesting news from my significant other… she’s called a realtor to come take a look at the house, and will be listing it once it’s ready.  It’s something that we had discussed awhile ago, but I hadn’t heard anything recently, so it came as a bit of a surprise.  I don’t know what her long term plans are, but I guess this is a step in the right direction.  For everyone.  Still, there’s a little sadness associated with the news.  I know that it’s the right thing to do, but still…

On a final note, I was pleased to see a comment on the last post regarding the CPAP machine.  I tend to think sometimes that I’m writing mostly for myself… an online journal of sorts, and that some of my family and friends peek in once in awhile to see what’s going on.  Most of the comments tend to come from family and friends.  Once in awhile someone else must stumble onto something that I’ve written. I remember someone commenting on my Cuil.com post once.  It’s nice to see fresh new faces, although this must seem like a confusing blog because it’s all over the place.  (on that note, thank you again Gary for the book on Problogging, and I will most certainly begin working on some specific blogs that are a little more targeted) Anyway… I know that I make light of a lot of things, including the sleep apnea / CPAP issue…  the comment was essentially what my doctor had told me before she ordered the test, so either she’s reading my blog (uh oh) or someone who knows more about CPAP than I do (gee, what are the chances?) took the time to remind me that this is a little more serious than what I made it out to be.  Thank you.   🙂

It’s Official… 19 Years in the Making…

Published June 2, 2009 - 1 Comment

I stopped at the Registrar’s office this morning, and said to the girl “I believe that you have a piece of paper with my name on it…”

As she started to look through the pile of diplomas, I heard her say “Hmm.. that’s odd”   Uh oh.    Then she asked me “Did you check to make sure your name was on the graduation list?”

Oh, this was not going well.

“Um no, I did not.”

She seemed surprised.  The Registrar’s office number had been going nuts with people wanting to know if they had graduated.  Well apparently I have a little more patience than most people.  19 years of waiting will do that to you.

It didn’t take her too long to find it.  “Stephen Mark?”  Yup!  That’s me.  She set it on the counter in front of me.

And there is was…  in all its Latin glory. I couldn’t understand a single word of what it said, but I understood its significance all too well.

I was done.  Finally.

Bachelor of Business Administration.