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Californication Comes to a Merciful End

Published July 2, 2014 - 0 Comments

californication-on-showtime_-watch-recaps-episode-schedules-downloadsYou know how there are shows that seem to go on longer than they should?  They’re once-great shows and then they peak and the quality starts to noticeably fade.  House M.D. went 8 seasons.  Glee is going on its sixth before calling it quits.  What’s Survivor or American Idol up to now?  28 and 13 respectively.  Even The Simpsons have 26 seasons, and they haven’t all been great.

Well, I think that it’s fair to say that you can add Showtime’s Californication to that list.

When Jess first introduced me to Californication, the show was already into its 4th season, I think.  If ever there was a show that I wanted to be part of, it was this one.  Hank Moody was my hero!  We blew through the first seasons on Netflix, and then had to wait patiently like everyone else as the new ones were released.  The problem being… the quality seemed to really take a shit-kicking.  I don’t know if they changed writers, or what happened, but it just kept going from bad to worse.

Season 7 was hailed as the final season of Californication, and rumours started to swirl whether Hank Moody would even survive it.  Surely someone who has lived such a careless lifestyle couldn’t possible end up in a Happily Ever After.  Season 7 should have been a downward spiral as Hank’s life unraveled.  Instead they decided to introduce Hank’s unknown bastard son from 20 years ago.  What a disaster.  It wasn’t funny.  It wasn’t loving.  It was just really really annoying.  Even Heather Graham, as Hank’s old girlfriend, couldn’t salvage that sinking ship.  I normally love most of her work, but the task was too daunting.

To say that the series finale was a disappointment would imply that I actually had high hopes going into it.   Nope.  In the end I continued to watch simply because I had given so much of my life to the story that I felt that anything less than complete closure would grate on my nerves.  It certainly wasn’t from enjoyment.  Sadly, I was right.  But at least its over.  Time to let the healing begin.

It’s not to say that the show wasn’t brilliant at one time.  I just wish that the people in charge had had the courage to realize that and wind down the show while it was still on top… ala Seinfeld (9 seasons) or Breaking Bad (5 seasons)…

Collini out!