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Small Modifications to the Blog

Published June 4, 2011 - 1 Comment

You might have noticed a couple of small modifications to the blog in the last couple of weeks.

  • Related posts: If you open a blog post, at the bottom you will now (usually) find a list of related posts that you can click on to explore the blog further.  There are several plugins that will do this automatically, but I’ve gone with one that I add the related posts manually, so I have greater control over it.  That means that the older posts do not  yet have related posts, but I hope to go back and add to those.  The idea behind the related posts is that I continue to pick up new readers, and no one realistically expects them to go back and start reading from the beginning… but if they read something interesting now, they will see a list of related posts which may also interest them as well.
  • Things to come: The SOUP (Show Off Upcoming Posts) plugin is a tool that allows you to put a little teaser of posts that are scheduled in the future.  If you see something listed under Things to Come on the right side, then you know that there are scheduled posts.  If you don’t see anything, that doesn’t mean that I’m not posting anything… it just means that I haven’t lined anything up in the queue.
  • What am I Reading?: I thought that it would be fun to put something on the blog with my current reading project.  I’ve seen plugins that allow a reader to click that graphic and have it take them to Amazon’s site, where if they purchase the book, you get a referral fee.  I can’t get those plugins to work.  🙁   So, instead if you click on it, it will take you to Google’s book site.  There’s not much to do there.  I just thought that this might motivate me to read more, because I used to read a ton… but have gotten lazy over the years.
  • Archived Posts:  I have not made this change yet, but I’m thinking about it.  I read a post on SEO design that really trashed the idea of archiving your posts by date because it isn’t intuitive for readers, nor is is how search engines work.  Relevancy has nothing to do with chronological dates.  And it’s true…  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a reader go back and start at the beginning (except me), or say “Hmm… I wonder what Stephen wrote for the month of November 2009?”  It just doesn’t happen.  So I may very well remove that section, which will free up some space on that side of the blog, and probably force me to move something from the left so it appears more balanced.

Anyway… that’s what I’ve been up to.  No major changes, but I always like to tweak it here and there.  If anyone has any strong feelings for or against anything on the blog… fire me a comment or contact me through the contact form!  I’m still learning all this stuff, so I don’t mind at all if someone questions me or tells me that something looks like crap!

Thanks for reading!