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Oh iTunes… Don’t Let Me Down Now…

Published November 29, 2012 - 0 Comments

I’ve written before about my love affair with iTunes.  While it’s not perfect, I think that it’s still the best damn solution for organizing and playing my media files… music, movies, tv shows, audio books… even e-books.  It’s convenient, it syncs well with my iPhone and iPad… I just love it.

But lately I’ve begun to notice something in the iTunes store that is really starting to piss me off.  Bundled-only music videos.

I download a lot of music videos.  Some of them I get from torrents.  Some of them I pay for through iTunes.  It just depends on my mood at the time.  Last night I decided that I wanted to download an iTunes copy of My Immortal by Evanescence.  I already have a very nice copy that I downloaded years ago from torrents, but I wanted to have the iTunes version so I could stream it anywhere.

Turns out that the video in question is in the iTunes store…  but they won’t sell it to you.  Instead you have to buy a collection of songs, and then receive a half dozen of their older videos “for free”…  So what should be a $2.29 purchase is now $24.99?  Umm.. I don’t think so!  I have no interest in any of the other videos, and certainly none of the songs!

This isn’t the first time that I’ve encountered this.  Last week I decided that I wanted to download Sexy Back (don’t ask)… the edited version was available for the standard price, but the explicit version was only available as part of a package that I wasn’t willing to buy.  So now I have to deal with the annoyance of sound that disappears for a split second while JT curses.  Not cool.

What’s going on at Apple?  If they want to be a content provider then they have to PROVIDE the content… not make it more difficult for the consumer.  If they want to bundle a few goodies to make a collection look more attractive, great.  But don’t prohibit us from being able to purchase the music we want.  Not when it’s so easy to obtain through other means…