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Need Free Online Storage? Try Dropbox!

Published July 28, 2010 - 5 Comments

A friend of mine told me about Dropbox quite some time ago.  I created an account at the time, but I didn’t actually try it out until today.  What a great little service!

Dropbox provides you with 2GB of free online storage, perfect for backing up important files that you can then access from any computer.  You can also easily share some (or all) of these files with other people, if needed.  It’s a piece of cake to log in and retrieve them.  I stored some mp3 and video files for a course that I’m taking.  I don’t need to worry about accidentally deleting them (again) and can get to them anywhere I have an internet connection.  There’s even a Dropbox app for my iPhone!

While there is an option to pay for more storage, one of the really nice things about Dropbox is that they will give you an additional 250MB of storage for each referral, up to 8GB maximum.  So I’m asking for a little help here.  Sign-up only takes a couple of minutes, and is free.  Plus, it really is a worthwhile service.  Many times I’ve wished that I had easily accessible backups of certain files.  And then there’s the stuff that I’ve lost over the years… sure, you can back things up to a DVD or external drive.  I would never suggest using online storage as your sole method of backup… but keeping everything on local backup isn’t a great idea either.  Things happen.  Trust me.  A good strategy should involve a combination of offline and online backup, especially for those files that you can not replace… ie pictures.

So, please.. if you have a moment, take a look at Dropbox.  And if you think that it might be useful for you, consider signing up.  I just checked their FAQ, and we both get an additional 250MB if you sign up through the referral link.  And remember…  it’s completely free.  And extremely useful!  Thanks!