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NB Food Premises Inspection Results

Published November 20, 2011 - 2 Comments

Ever wonder how your favourite restaurant is doing when it comes to health and safety violations?  Me neither!  There’s something to be said for “Ignorance is Bliss”… but just in case you are at all curious…  this link was given to me by a co-workers,  and I’ve found myself sitting here going through a lot of the places that I eat out at.  Thankfully I haven’t run into any problems yet, although I did have quite a scare when I thought that the Chinese restaurant that I love in KV was the one with mouse droppings reported 3 times in a row… but turned out that it was a different Chinese restaurant!  *phew*

I find the search engine useless.  It’s easier to just click the letters at the bottom of the page, and find your restaurant that way.

The good news is that almost all the results are either green or yellow.  There are very few red ones.  I found it more interesting to click on the report, so you can read a copy of the actual report.  “mouse droppings…”  ewww…

New Brunswick government’s Food Premises Inspection Results.