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MyFitnessPal.com Might Actually Be Working!

Published November 24, 2011 - 0 Comments

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that my weight tracker on the side shows that I’m down 5 pounds.  It had been 6, but then I crept back up.  That’s ok.  That’s going to happen.  But what I’m very happy with so far is that those 5 pounds seem to be really gone, instead of just a fluctuation.  I know that weight goes up and down, and there were times that mine would go down a few pounds and then back up again quickly.  That’s just regular eating.  But I’ve been on MFP for 35 days now and that weight number has maintained relatively constant.  I know that it’s still a tiny amount, but hey… I’m happy with 5 pounds!

I’ve been very truthful with my recordings.  As I mentioned before, there’s no point in cheating because it doesn’t help you at all.  If you’re serious about losing the weight, then you need to be true to yourself.  So when I have a shitty day, I put it in there.  Granted, there have been days that I missed entering my diary, but I’ve usually written a post in there explaining why.


Yesterday was an incredible day for me, so I decided to share it with the blog readers.  I’m happy to see that a few of you have joined the site, even if only to keep me accountable.  That honestly DOES help!  But for those who may have missed it… yesterday was a day that I swore to eat nothing pre-packaged… just natural, healthy foods…  Yeah, I’ve said that before, but…

Your Food Diary For:

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Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Chol Sodium
White Dairy – 1% Lowfat Milk, 1 cup 110 13 3 9 15 130 Ico_delete
Generic – Clementine, 1 Clementine 35 9 0 1 0 1 Ico_delete
Large – Scrambled Egg, 2.5 egg 175 0 13 15 463 175 Ico_delete
Raspberries – Raw, 0.5 cup 32 7 0 1 0 1 Ico_delete
Add Food

352 29 16 26 478 307
Generic – Kiwi Medium Skinless, 1 kiwi 26 11 0 0 0 2 Ico_delete
Compliments – Garden Salad, 2 cups 15 3 0 1 0 20 Ico_delete
Compliments – Baby Spinach, 1 cups 6 1 0 1 0 20 Ico_delete
Cucumber – Peeled, raw, 0.25 cup, pared, chopped 4 1 0 0 0 1 Ico_delete
Cherry Berries – Grape Tomatoes Raw Red , 4 tomatoes 8 2 0 0 0 0 Ico_delete
Kraft Salad Dressing – Sundried Tomato & Oregano Calorie Wise, 15 ml 35 2 3 0 0 170 Ico_delete
Add Food

94 20 3 2 0 213
Compliments – Caesar Salad Kit, 3 cups (100g) 225 15 17 5 8 465 Ico_delete
Raspberries – Raw, 1 cup 64 15 1 1 0 1 Ico_delete
Add Food

289 30 18 6 8 466
Life Brand – Sierra Trail Mix, 50 g 280 15 20 9 0 15 Ico_delete
Activia – Yogurt – Drinkable – Mixed Berry Duo, 200 ml 150 23 3 7 15 95 Ico_delete
Add Food

430 38 23 16 15 110
smbelyea Today is “all natural.. nothing out of a box.. no processed… no crap” day. I think my body is going to go into shock, but that’s the plan! 🙂 I’ll post my food diary later today, but breakfast was scrambled eggs, clementine, raspberries and a glass of milk. Lunch is planned to be a salad… supper is a piece of chicken with salad. Lots of water. No pop. No juice. Today is going to be a great day of cleaning the house, staying inside, and watching the first snowfall of the season from the comfort of INSIDE…
smbelyea OK.. just finished a late lunch… salad consisted of lettuce, baby spinach, tiny little tomatoes, very small amount of shredded cheese (I know… but it really does help me get through the rest of it), sun dried tomatoes, and a tiny amount of almond slivers… light sun dried tomato dressing.. a slice of lemon in my water… and a kiwi for dessert… I might just keel over from lack of grease, saturated fat, and refined sugar today…
smbelyea I can’t believe it.. I just inputted all three meals for the day.. and I’m still not even halfway to my calorie goal? (I didn’t end up having chicken for supper after all. I settled for a caesar salad and some raspberries). It’s like there’s almost no calories in veggies! (I understand the caesar salad dressing isn’t the best… I’m talking more about lunch, but even supper was still much much better than any other day). Come to think of it… I’ve eaten three meals today… and have consumed fewer calories than if I went to McDonalds for lunch! Wow…