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Memorable Edibles

Published June 4, 2011 - 1 Comment

I’ve talked about this in other posts, but when I go away somewhere I prefer to eat someplace that I can’t normally eat at when I’m home.  It doesn’t have to be any place fancy.  I just want to experience something new… which when you think about it, is a little uncharacteristic of me… but, that’s how I am.

Being in Ontario for a week provided me with plenty of opportunity to check out some places that I can’t eat at here.  Some of them, like Kelsey’s, were places that I have eaten at in the past… but it’s been a very long time.  I used to love Kelsey’s when I worked in Kingston many moons ago.  I have fond memories of Murph stuffing his trench coat with the occasional Kelsey’s glass… until we had an entire set!  I don’t know what ever happened to those glasses, but when Karen and I stopped at Kelsey’s on our first night, I asked our waitress if they had the same kind or not.  Turns out that their glasses don’t look the same as they used to, but the waitress was kind enough to give me one, so I didn’t have to steal it.  🙂

We went to a couple of other restaurant chains while we were in Ontario too.  I remember Chili’s from when I was in San Diego, but it was much better than how I remembered it.  I was worried that everything was going to be too spicy, but that wasn’t the case.  I guess that my tastes are maturing.

The Keg is one of those places that I’ve never eaten at, and wish that we had one around here.  After eating there, I don’t know if I could afford to frequent their establishment if they had a local one!  I had a great steak, but I also paid dearly for it.  But hey, I was on vacation, and that’s part of it.  At most of the meals, we made sure to try an appetizer, but we also skipped dessert.  It still adds up, though.  No regrets!

Applebee’s was another of those places that I’ve seen on TV, but had never been to.  Somewhere I have a pile of receipts, and wish that I could remember what I had ordered here… but I can’t.  It was good though!  I really never had a meal that I wasn’t happy with at any of these places.

Baton Rouge was one of the fancier places that we had eaten at (until my birthday dinner at the top of the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls).  It’s one of Karen’s favourites, and someplace I’d never been to.  We decided to go there just before going to see The Lion King.  I was a little worried that we weren’t going to get to eat, because we didn’t have reservations, and this seemed like the kind of place that you would want to have a reservation… but the hostess asked if we were seeing a show afterward and what time that was… I think that helped us get in.

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a restaurant I’d never even heard of until going to Toronto.  I assumed that it was a local thing, but after a little searching, I see that it’s part of a chain of restaurants that started on the west coast.  Ah well… I think I liked the idea of it being a local thing more.  It was an interesting place to eat.  And how can you go to a place called The Old Spaghetti Factory and not try the spaghetti?  You can’t!  I was a little skeptical that I wasn’t going to feel full because I normally don’t order spaghetti in a restaurant,  but it filled me up quite well!  Or maybe it was all the free bread that our waiter kept bringing us.  As a side note… when a waiter calls you “bro”… it’s annoying.

I am sure that there were other places that we ate that should also be included in this post, and at some point I am going to think of more… but I think you get the idea…  I don’t like going somewhere and eating at McDonalds, even though I risk eating a fantastic meal that I might never be able to experience again…  or worse, pick something horrible from the menu… that’s not likely to happen since I stick to the same types of food, even if they are prepared somewhat differently.

Case in point… I don’t know how many different kinds of spinach dip appetizer that I tried, but there were several… each one was a little different from the last, and all equally good!