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Lady Ashburnham Pickles are a Local Favourite? Had No Idea!

Published August 21, 2010 - 7 Comments
[Due to the overwhelming number of searches for Lady Ashburnham pickles hitting this blog post, I decided to create a new website specifically for them.  Please check out www.LadyAshburnhamPickles.com.  Thank you.  My mother has been making Lady Ashburnham pickles (commonly revered to simply as “Lady A’s”) for as long as I can remember.  They’re a very yummy mustard pickle!  I eat them primary with roast beef, turkey, or ham dinners, although I know people who use them as relish on hamburgers or hot dogs, and even someone who makes tartar sauce with them.

When I moved out of the house Mum would provide me with the occasional bottle to get me through, but eventually I realized that if I was going to consume Lady A’s on a regular basis, I’d better figure out how to make them on my own.

It’s not that they’re overly difficult to make.  The problem is that they’re time consuming… but that comes mostly from a society now used to buying everything off the shelf.  Call it what is is.  Laziness.

When my daughter was old enough, we introduced her to Lady A’s, calling them “Nana’s pickles”.  She loved them!  (My son, not so much)  It didn’t matter that I was now making them myself.  They will probably always be “Nana’s pickles” to her.  She loves to smother her potatoes in them, and used to put up quite a fuss if she didn’t have the pickles… to the point where my ex would actually put some in a little container to bring with her, if she knew that we were going somewhere like Swiss Chalet.  I know, I know…  My daughter still prefers the pickles on her potatoes, but I’ve been able to curb that behaviour a little.  If I have the pickles, great.  If I don’t… suck it up and eat your supper.  I’ll make some more when I have time.

But as long as I’ve been loving these pickles, I had absolutely no idea that they were a local favourite!  I hate to admit that I read this story in the Telegraph Journal, but I thought that it was very interesting!  It tells the story of a telephone operator from Fredericton who marries an English Lord… and develops a recipe for pickles.  I always assumed that they were just pickles that everyone else knew about, but now I’m not so sure.  If you’re not from New Brunswick, or not from the Maritimes, do you even know about Lady Ashburnham pickles?  I’m not so sure!  And if you do, maybe you’re like me, and don’t know the story behind the woman whose name lives on.. especially at this time of year.  Pickling season!  Thanks to Dad, I have enough cucumbers to make a double batch!

You can read the full newspaper article here.