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Justin Bieber is a Punk

Published November 26, 2012 - 7 Comments

I’m known to be pretty hard on The Biebs… and for good reason (I think).  I still say that he’s a talentless hack… a product of marketing… a pretty face to drive teenage girls crazy until the next teen heart throb comes along.  And I guess that’s fine.  That’s what the music industry produces now, so that’s what we’re stuck with.

But what’s not fine is the punk attitude that oozes from his pores.  He acts like a larger than life caricature, when in reality he’s simply lucky enough to have been plucked from YouTube obscurity and given everything that he could ever desire.

Need proof?  How’s this?












Justin Bieber received a Diamond Jubilee medal from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday.

Now I’m no fan of Stephen Harper in the least, but I AM a traditionalist when it comes to respecting the authority that is granted to him by the office he holds.  If I was receiving an honour from the Prime Minister, I’m pretty sure that his staff wouldn’t let me anywhere near him if I was wearing my ballcap and hoodie!  If MY son attended a ceremony with the Prime Minister and he showed up looking like an idiot, I’d be embarrassed to the point of wanting to rip that stupid backward ballcap off his head.  I don’t care if Bieber had a concert that night or not… these people can change from one outfit into another completely new one in less time than it takes me to find a pair of socks without holes.  It’s ridiculous.

Show some respect, you ungrateful little punk.

Punk, I say.