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It’s Too Early For Christmas Music in the Stores, Dammit

Published November 15, 2011 - 0 Comments

As everyone who still follows me on Twitter already knows… today I was out getting a chunk of Christmas shopping done.  I don’t normally check in through foursquare every step of my day, but I thought I would try it today.  It’s ok, but I think that I will revert back to my normal ways.  But for today, as I went from one store to the next, I checked in.

ROOTS was having a “sweat sale” which was great, considering I was there looking for sweatshirts for the kids for Christmas.  I also picked one up for my niece, and because the sale was buy $100 worth, get $30 back, I was then able to add another ROOTS hoodie to my own collection!  I’m going to have every hoodie they make soon!

But it wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops.  As I was rummaging through hoodies the store music took an awful turn.  That’s right.  Christmas music!  I’m no Scrooge, but I think that mid November is still a little early to be subjecting us to that stuff.  I mentioned to the clerk that I was fighting the urge to run screaming from the store.  He agreed.  Poor guy has to listen to that stuff for his entire shift… and it’ll only get worse as December 25th gets steadily closer.

I managed to cross a few people off my list, but I still have quite a bit more shopping left, I think.  I AM proud of myself because I have never started this early.  In fact, today was not the first day of my shopping.  I’d already picked up a few things over the last couple of weeks.  But this was the first day that I have made the decision to spend the day shopping with the goal of crossing people off my list.

Good times!  I think that next year I’ll buy everything online.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan!