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How McDonald’s Makes Their Burgers Look So Good in Ads

Published June 22, 2012 - 0 Comments

Anyone who’s ever eaten anything from a fast food menu knows that what they see in the advertisement and what they are served are almost never comparable.  It’s no secret that the food used in promotional material is carefully crafted by experts to ensure that it is the most visually appealing possible.  They want us to purchase their food, and we’re more likely to do that if it looks good… yet most of us are willing to accept that what is passed across the fast food counter is not going to closely resemble what companies have spent millions of dollars to market to us.

This video was released by McDonald’s Canada to show why there is such a difference between the quarter pounder hamburger that you see in media advertising, and what you’re likely to get when you go into one of their restaurants.  As a bit of a marketing geek I found it quite interesting!  As a lover of the quarter pounder… well… I wish that I could be a food stylist too!

Love how they use a blow torch to make the cheese melt perfectly, and syringes to apply ketchup and mustard.. and then Photoshop to remove any blemishes!  It’s not much different than seeing a model on the cover of the latest fashion magazine!