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Got My NB Hospital Home Lottery Tickets for 2012!

Published September 10, 2012 - 6 Comments

Last year was the first year that I’d been in a position to purchase a ticket for the NB Hospital Home Lottery, and despite my best intentions… I did not win that home.  In fact, I did not win a thing!  That was a little disappointing, considering I had told people that the house was mine.  Maybe I should have waited until after the draw?  Well, have no fear!  This year I am assured a winning ticket!  I’d better win… I think Jess has already started changing her mailing address, and has address labels made up.   4 Crosswind Crescent, Rothesay.  Oh it’ll be nice to move back to KV.

I sat down yesterday to purchase my tickets online.  This year they have a new 5 pack for $375.  I’d never be able to afford that on my own, but since we’re splitting the cost, it seemed like the way to go.  Oh, and throw in a few of those 50-50 tickets too… let’s not be greedy!

Because the lottery is open to residents of New Brunswick only, they check your computer’s IP address to ensure that you are located within the borders of our Picture Province.  Makes sense.  What DOESN’T make sense is when it comes back and says that I’m ineligible to purchase tickets because I am not located within NB!  Excuse me?  I’m sitting in my office, overlooking foggy Saint John… probably within spitting distance of the office responsible for this draw.  And it’s not like I’m using some proxy server to hide my location and show me in the Lithuanian country-side somewhere… it’s showing the proper Bell Aliant IP address and then saying that I’m not within NB, so I can not buy any tickets!  Thankfully it also tells me that if I feel this is an error, that I can order my tickets over the phone, and gives me the number… a toll free number… AND the local Saint John number!  So I called.

I explained what had happened, and got a “Oh, well depending on what ISP you’re using….”  I stopped him right there.  “I’m with Bell Aliant, and it’s showing the proper IP address…  I’m in Saint John!”   I wonder how many people will just not bother to call in if they get that message?  I imagine a few, but this lottery always seems to sell all their tickets, so I don’t imagine that it will change that.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you should get them before November 8, which is the deadline for the early bird draw.  Even though you don’t have a chance for the house (that’s mine, remember) there are still some other great prizes available for you.. like vacations, vehicles, electronics and more!  But forget about the house.  Although feel free to swing by 4 Crosswind Crescent in Rothesay sometime to say hello.  But only after Dec 4 or 27th… I’m not sure why those dates are so far apart, but that’s fine.  Gives me time to get my stuff moved in!

Click here for more information on the NB Hospital Home Lottery, and to (hopefully) order your tickets online.