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Butterfly World…

Published July 4, 2010 - 3 Comments

Well, after the Canada Day mishap, I decided to take the kids for a drive the next day.  I wanted to find somewhere that they hadn’t been to already.  Their mother seems to have just about covered the entire province, which is understandable, as she has her summers off too… as she put it: she needs to keep finding stuff for them to do so they don’t get bored!  Tell me about it.

I’d heard about a place in Moncton called Butterfly World.  I knew this would be a hit with my daughter, but I wasn’t sure about my little guy.  Still, I figured that we would make a day trip out of it.  Go up, see some butterflies.. swing by a friend’s house for a visit that I started calling Rottweiler World in recognition of the ferocious beast known at Hennesey.

Thankfully Butterfly World is sort of combined with an amusement area that includes other things like go-karts, mini-golf, and paddle boats.  Those things all cost money, but there is a small playground area that is free to use.  Once the kids discovered the jumping cage with all the foam balls, they were all set.

Eventually we made our way into Butterfly World.  I think that world might be a little too generous a word.  Perhaps Butterfly Room might be more accurate, but certainly not as attractive in the marketing world.  For $22, I was expecting something a little more involved than a muggy gazebo with a bunch of butterflies in it.  But… I wasn’t really there for me.  And the kids (even my son) thought that it was really neat.  They had large orange slices that attracted the butterflies.  My only real problem was the lack of seating.  There are 2 double benches for the adults who will quickly get tired of walking around, but that wasn’t enough.  They could easily double that number.

As a bonus, they also have a bouncy castle that is free with paid admission to see the butterflies, so that made the cost slightly more tolerable… Although I think I should have been able to bounce too.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad trip.  As expected, my daughter did not want to leave.  I’m pretty sure that I could have just left her there, and the butterflies could have adopted her.  I don’t think that she would have had a problem with that at all.