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Aiming for the Moon… WaS Reaches New Heights!

Published July 31, 2010 - 2 Comments

Back in June, I mentioned that the blog broke the old record for hits in a single day… 79.  I attributed it to a little post I did about a certain t-shirt, and a girl who took notice.  Amongst other things…  well yesterday smashed through that ceiling, coming in at 94 hits!  It appears that people may have been interested in reading about my trip to Cape Breton, after all.  Or maybe they were simply looking for more pictures of my handsome mug drooling on my Tweety bird pillow as I slept… Whatever the reason, I am happy to see the spike.  I recently read a term called vanity metrics, meaning things like blog hits, and how they were nearly useless in terms of tracking real value, and more for inflating a blogger’s ego.  And I agree!  But without a measurement of reader traffic, there’s really no point in measuring anything else.  No matter how valuable your message is, if no one is receiving it, it doesn’t really matter does it?

Thanks for reading!