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Published July 14, 2012 - 4 Comments

See those numbers?!?  Know what they mean?!?  Yeah… me neither…  but apparently they are pretty darned good.  So good, in fact, that I even got a smiley face!  Confused yet?  OK…

I went to see Dr Lisa for my quarterly checkup yesterday.  When she walked into the room and asked me how I was doing, she was taken back by my response… “Awesome!”  That is never a word that creeps into our conversations… especially when discussing my state of mind.

I went on to explain…  I’m 40 now (not that this is a great thing, but it’s a significant event since I last saw her)… I have a new job… Working Mon-Fri 8-5… sleeping at night… no more 3am Quarter Pounders… I have a new car, but I’m walking back and forth to work every day… getting an hour worth of walking every day… have a new place uptown… Things with J are going great… Haven’t heard from K2 since May… My stress hasn’t disappeared, but it’s taken a different form… and apparently change IS good!

As I’m telling her all this she reaches for the blood pressure monitor and asks if I’ve checked it on my own lately.  I haven’t.  I have a machine, but it’s packed away somewhere.

“Wow… I don’t believe it… 118/78!”

Is that good?

“That’s exactly where I want it!  I’d say that getting off shift work has really made a difference.”

She’s been telling me that for years, and it was hard to deny that… but there just wasn’t much of an opportunity to actually do it.  Now it’s happened, and apparently she was right.  Who knew?

I made an appointment for 4 months, and if it’s still good then we’ll look at cutting back some of the medication that I take to keep it from exploding again.